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A Revolutionary New Operating System for the Human Species

The Operating System of Human Nature

Our existence, right down to the most primal level, runs on an operating system - just like a computer. This system is as ancient as life itself. Our bodies, the hardware, and our brains, the computer, operate under a software known as "Survival of the Fittest."


This software is in every beat of our hearts, every neural firing of our brains, and every single breath we take. It's the essence of our self-preservation, dictating our actions, reactions, and interactions.


As humans, we've evolved and grown in countless ways since our ancestral beginnings, shifting from primitive survival instincts to complex cognitive processes and emotions.


We have, undoubtedly, evolved faster than any other species on Earth. Yet, beneath the layers of progress and civilization, our underlying software remains rooted in an archaic and increasingly inefficient system - the Survival of the Fittest.

The Limitations of Survival of the Fittest

Imagine using a piece of software from the 1960s to run your state-of-the-art hardware today. You would be limited by countless bugs, slow processing speed, and an inability to maximize the capabilities of the hardware. This is the situation we find ourselves in, with our minds and bodies powered by outdated software. We can perceive and achieve so much more, but our operating system holds us back.


But, as we found ourselves accelerating through time, from Homo habilis to the advent of agriculture, the creation of writing systems, the Industrial Revolution, and the rapid development of information technology and artificial intelligence, it became increasingly clear that this old operating system, this Survival of the Fittest mentality, is outdated, slow, and inherently limited. It keeps us shackled to our primitive instincts, unable to fully explore our potential as conscious beings.

Meeting Mad Scientist Inventor Jeremy Lasman

Enter Jeremy Lasman, a mad scientist, an innovative mind, a human paradox of imagination and logic. Jeremy started his journey in 2012 with a profound realization: he was not the person he had been conditioned to be. He began to explore his consciousness and formulate groundbreaking theories, deconstructing the rigid identity structure of survival of the fittest and paving the way for something altogether new. This decade-long journey of discovery, research, and development resulted in Imagination Technology, a brand new operating system for the human species.

The Trapped Identity Box

We are all too familiar with the downside of the old OS. It isolates us, traps us in identity boxes, and feeds us a diet of fear and negativity. We are conditioned to put on fake personas, feel alone and isolated, all products of the outdated, inefficient software we've been operating on.

Transitioning to Imagination Technology isn't an easy, straightforward process. It requires breaking away from the old, familiar, and comfortable - even if those aspects are full of bugs and limitations. It's about recognizing and acknowledging the painful, isolating, and dark parts of personhood and identity that arise from the Survival of the Fittest system. It's about rejecting the false, constructed self and embracing authenticity.

Imagination Technology – The Dawn of a New Era

Imagination Technology is a new, sleek, efficient, and revolutionary operating system for the human species. An OS that is cool, relatable, and designed with the innate human desire for connectivity, creativity, and passion at its core.

Imagination Technology isn't just a replacement; it's an upgrade—a transition from natural selection to conscious evolution. It's as though we've been using a dial-up internet connection and suddenly we have access to quantum computing. It's the difference between plodding along on a tired old mule and cruising in a hyperloop.

In this new OS, our passion is the battery that powers us. Our passion, a source of limitless energy that fuels our creativity, our connectivity, our purpose. It turns us from mere humans running on an ancient, sluggish system, to Superhumans, vibrant with energy, potential, and creativity.

Imagination Technology gives you the feeling of, "How did I live before this?" It's that fast, that effective, solving old problems and presenting solutions to issues we didn't even know existed.

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