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Are You Ready For a New Game?

From the iSelf Archives - 12/10/13

The program is emotions. There is some sort of difference in me and the program and the one who is talking. Power diverted to each seems to change the area in which I feel. Thoughts are always looking back. Either back at the past or back at the future. Imagining looking over your shoulder as you are watching thoughts. The child and the program. One cannot effect the other. My evil side is the one who embraces power as his own. He knows what's going on beyond doubt. He knows what he wants. He’s one step ahead in perception behind. It is my power. The one who can face anything in imagination. The one not afraid of anything. The confident one. The one no knows with a positive perception filter that he is IT. Versus the powerlessness. The victim to the emotion’s whims. Seeing time how I want to see it or not at all. The one who gives all power to himself because that is giving to All.

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