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Chapter 0 - I'm a Constant Introduction To Myself

Life is a constant addendum to the past

The child divulges, these are all things he was too afraid to express growing up. The disclosing of a secret inner world believed to be impossible to articulate. Considered to be totally separate from the world he inhabited.

I am breaking the fourth wall of my own mind. The strike of a lighter. A flame burns atop.

Overwhelming feeling with nowhere to go. With nobody to share it with, the feeling has nowhere to move but in itself. Amplified and chaotic, it longs to be let out. Given all the energy of the universe in proof, how does a body handle amplified feeling?

It all jumbles together into the whole experience of life in the moment. The mind does not need it. The body has nowhere to put it but to everywhere plus some. Sharing and expressing seem to be the only avenues to free the body of the monumental feeling of ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’ at the same time.

The imagination classifies it as overwhelming love.

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