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I Want My Imagination Back

When I was first introduced to try meditation I could barely sit still for 5 minutes.

I would get all situated, play some relaxing music, set a timer, close my eyes and immediately feel thrashed about by the chaotic noise of my thoughts.

It was like many personalities were having a hundred different conversations with myself at a time.

I was nearing the end of college and working for SpaceX yet a deep inner dissatisfaction led me to see a therapist and to dive into personal development under the classic guise of “fixing myself”.

I was good at putting on a happy face out in life and to a certain surface-level degree I wasn’t suffering, there was of course a pleasurable purpose to being a People Pleaser giving my attention to others in order to get some semblance of love in return.

Yet when it came to focusing on myself the distractions exploded in volume… dirty piles to clean, desk to organize, snacks to eat, TV Shows to catch up on.

This is where my soul’s work IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY was truly birthed into reality because I found THE project greater than anything in the mortal realm, the universal search to realize my True Self.

If you’re a highly-sensitive, neurotic over-thinker like I was you understand the power of your mind.

Yet it can feel more like a curse when the attempts to wrangle this beast leave you even more frustrated that you can’t feel peace to be creative or clear enough to share your passion with the world.

You have so many ideas but also double the resistance and doubts that shoots them down immediately.

I was able to face the monster by finding my passion (and gift) to understand the mechanical system of the mind especially as it related to a greater curiosity of what The Imagination actually is.

As I asked these big questions it allowed me to discover and apply new understanding about who I was to slowly quiet my thoughts.

Just like an earthly craft it just takes practice to master your mind.

I now help people accelerate the process to re-remember the innocence of the child’s mind with Imagination Technology so they can show up in the world as their most powerful dream version.


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