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Inspiration, Motivation, Empowerment, & Blowing up Human Brains

There’s a half-life on any human emotion and most if not all things in this world are temporary. I see the past shame of my work never being enough because the categories it could fall under never seemed as lasting as the impossible aims for what I wanted to be able to do with it. Inspiration felt fleeting. Motivation felt forced. Empowerment was close but not tangible enough.

Now if I could teach the high-performance sustainability of all these things perhaps that’s where it needs to be but there is also something I’m sharing beyond all concepts. I over-complicate the issue by striving for something that isn’t information, yet maybe in getting simpler I can admit I do teach information. Information isn’t bad, but to the overly sensitive intellectual caught in the webs and knots of information like I was, I know it’s not what they need. This is why I’ve attempted to depart myself from being an information sharer but something deeper or higher in trajectory.

The evolution of consciousness isn’t about results as we’ve previously been accustomed to measure and that’s why it’s been so hard to describe my work. I want to be and share THE BEST inspiration, THE BEST motivation, THE BEST empowerment, THE BEST transformation I can in any time container I’m given whether that’s 30 minutes or 3 months. Anything beyond my field of presence is not my responsibility.

The Artist wants perfection but loosening the grip of the shame of perfectionism I feel the levity of my purpose from the grips of this extreme self-critique. Even if people are enjoying my talks because they are just enjoying the intake of information when my higher aims of imagination could be “attempting” something else that’s not a negative thing. People will receive what together want to review. They will be activated in ways their soul is called to have.

My job is to be the example of SuperPowered presence that’s totally original to the collective human species regardless of what I’m doing or the information I’m called to share.


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