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Limitations are not Punishments

In this reality experience, we surf a separative spectrum of extreme polarity. It gives life its flavor. The sweet would not be as sweet without the bitter. This third-dimensional earthly human experience can arguably be looked at as a schoolyard for souls to learn, transform, evolve, and master energy into higher and higher frequencies of awareness. The density of form creates a belief in rigidity which gives birth to the idea of limitation. Whether you are more awake to see the illusion of ‘the matrix’ or not, there is no denying that on some level we’ve signed up for varying levels of difficulty in order to create the epic experience of transcending them.

As we ascend up the ladder of consciousness towards the Oneness of The Quantum Self and the Vision of Universal Imagination we are ultimately approaching The Infinite or God. We go beyond concepts into a boundless space of limitlessness. This is in essence the home of our True Nature. This push-pull relationship between Humanity and Divinity is the impetus for our search for Truth which can also be looked at from a quantum perspective as the oscillating identification between Wave and Particle.

Getting back down to the ground of the human level let’s start with our journey from infant to child in order to understand the installation, programming, and conditioning of limitations. Limitations are rules, restrictions, and boundaries. From a parental perspective, we can very much understand the purpose of limits. How else would an innocent child not know to run into a busy street without the formative years of holding mom or dad's hand with them saying “always look both ways before crossing the street.” Likewise, if you’ve grown up with overbearing or controlling parents these limitations can become overwhelming and constricting to the free-flowing wild energetic spirit of a child.

For thousands of years, our species-level operating system has been based around the survival of the fittest and more simply, fueled by fear. To understand the pathway of evolution that has led to the distortion where limitations are viewed as punishments we have to chart the progression from animal to human consciousness based around this self-conscious identity construct. Boundaries are healthy and necessary to navigate the complexity of this life game but when boundaries become rigid walls, they become detrimental to the flow of your Imagination Technology. The routing of Passion Energy becomes hindered by disempowering obstructions that dilute the purity of your natural power. As we’ve evolved our intelligence the neurotic mind explodes the fear programming in tandem with tribal beliefs into a whole web of complexity also known as shame and guilt.

The concept of Punishment is inherently based on the utilization of shame and guilt as a teaching tool to mold a “good person or citizen” for society even so far as the threat of punishment can be a way of control, manipulation, and conditional love. The tighter and tighter this threat becomes the more limited life will feel. Although constraints are required for creativity when there is an incredible amount of negative charge the creative energy simply can’t flow and thus we don’t feel free. In other words, our nervous system state becomes locked in fight, flight, or freeze where we get manifestations like conflict, avoidance, and stuckness.

It can be easy to stay in the victim-state to blame our parents, authority figures, the government, or even metaphysical creatures for feelings and circumstances that punish us, but as we awaken into the sovereignty of our freedom we discover it is only ourself punishing ourself. This might feel even more punishing in itself or maybe you can feel the levity of hilarity in such a cosmic conundrum. The moment you are self-aware of the choice between the fear of punishment and the shame that creates punishment a new choice of love presents itself where Limitations can be viewed in the most satisfying light.

Limitations are here to guide evolution into the areas and themes where mastery and magic unfold because as you hone the sensitivity between Illusion and Truth you begin to subtract the density that makes limitations feel like punishment. When the unreality of limitations is seen, a new dimension of creativity and power can express itself because you are simultaneously re-accessing the innocent “inner child’s” Pure Imagination that is synonymous with your Natural State.

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Unknown member
May 30, 2023

From schoolyard Earth to playground Earth. 😀 Love it.

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