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Revolutionizing Passion, Creativity, and Personal Growth | Jeremy Lasman, Co-Founder of The Passion Company, Sets Fire to the Airwaves

In March 2019, Jeremy Lasman, the fiery co-founder of The Passion Company, took the Amplified Radio Show by storm, hosted by none other than Ken Rochon on the Voice America Influencer Channel. Jeremy's segment ignites at 29:36 in the episode, where he lays bare his unfiltered perspective on passion, creativity, and personal growth.

During the interview, Jeremy doesn't just talk the talk; he spits fire as a visionary of imagination, dubbed by Ken as a "real-life Willy Wonka." He throws down his mission to ignite people's dormant passions, fueling them to unleash their wildest dreams and most authentic selves. With a background like his—a former SpaceX technologist with an undying love for professional wrestling—Jeremy crafts a space where dreams don't just flourish; they explode into reality.

Jeremy's journey from a shy, invisible kid to a confident, creative visionary is an inspiring story of personal transformation. He emphasizes the importance of introspection, daring listeners to dive deep into their souls, shed their inhibitions, and claim their passions and purposes with unapologetic fervor.

But what really sets Jeremy's interview ablaze is his recounting of his SpaceX days, where he worked closely with Elon Musk on projects like the music video for the first successful Falcon 1 rocket launch. It's this kind of experience that fuels his fire for innovation and pushing limits.

Throughout the interview, Jeremy's electric energy crackles through the airwaves, electrifying listeners with his infectious zest for life. His mantra, "Always be the wizard," sums up his ethos: embrace your inner magic, wield your creativity, and craft your own damn reality.

At The Passion Company, Jeremy's not just a co-founder; he's the flame that ignites our revolution. His appearance on the Amplified Radio Show is just a glimpse of how he's setting the world on fire, reshaping the landscape of personal growth and transformation.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here, jump to 29:36, and get ready to have your passion amplified to a whole new level. Jeremy Lasman is here to help you unleash your inner superhero and join the Passion Revolution. Let's do this!


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