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SuperPowered Brainstorm

Available Online

Crank up your imagination and morph dreams into reality.

  • 2 hours
  • 5,000 US dollars
  • Online Meeting

Service Description

Feeling like your creativity is a wild beast, untamed and all over the place? Got a colossal dream but wrestling to materialize it? Time to crank up the voltage of your imagination with a SuperPowered Brainstorm. Enter Jeremy Lasman, the boundary-defying rebel and innovative pioneer who’s staked his life on the quest of human creativity and the electric punch of imagination. He's all for backing your passion and jumping into the void of unknowns. In this rollercoaster 90-minute brainstorming marathon, Jeremy ushers you through a spontaneous, exploratory session, visualizing the brain-clutter in a concrete layout. SuperPowered Brainstorm injects you with a wave of invigoration, jump-starting action on your towering project. Jeremy helps you identify pitfalls, bulldoze blockades, and supercharge your creative current, empowering you to breathe life into your passion project with guts and pinpoint accuracy. You'll step out of the session, upping your self-awareness game, and ready to lock horns with your wildest dreams. This session isn't exclusively for relentless entrepreneurs or artistic visionaries; it's for every dreamer nursing a vast vision. Jeremy's zeal for passion and dedication to pushing the envelope will kindle your own bold spirit. Ultimately, you'll taste liberation in your creativity, shrugging off societal straight-jackets and flying the flag for your distinctive vision. Carpe diem, lock in your session, and let Jeremy Lasman flick the switch to illuminate the extraordinary lurking within you.

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