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About Us

Igniting the Wildfire of Passion

The Passion Company is the brainchild of a radical journey of self-realization, anchored on a shared vision to shake up the personal growth landscape with Imagination Technology. Jeremy Lasman and Amber Sheets, our trailblazing co-founders, carved their own unique paths to self-discovery, ultimately fusing together to forge something wildly remarkable.

Jeremy Lasman

From Starship Tech to Imagination Innovator

Chapman University business graduate and SpaceX's former tech whiz, Jeremy Lasman had always been captivated by technology. Yet, he felt an unsettling void, a disconnect from his own essence, and a lack of fulfillment. Hence, in 2013, he bid adieu to SpaceX and set off on a defiant expedition of self-discovery. This voyage led him to the birth of Imagination Technology, a kaleidoscopic strategy to speed up conscious evolution. His disruptive research on The Field of Passion, a nod to Einstein's legacy, transformed his acute sensitivity, compulsive over-analysis, and obsessive perfectionism into formidable superpowers.

Amber Sheets

From Mental Struggles to Passion Triumph

Amber Sheets, a Ball State University sociology grad, battled with bipolar disorder and a feeling of being caged in her own life. Despite serving in the healthcare sector for over a decade and a half, Amber felt adrift and unsatisfied. Her life did a 180 when she stumbled upon Jeremy Lasman and his Imagination Technology. After a single weekend of immersing herself in Jeremy's videos, Amber's mental health did a full flip. Filled with a burning desire to bring Imagination Technology to the world, Amber teamed up with Jeremy to collaborate with him as his assistant, and ultimately co-founded The Passion Company.

The Passion Company

The Dawn of a Personal Development Rebellion

Strap in for a wild ride with The Passion Company. We're redefining personal development, churning out groundbreaking solutions that tear through boundaries like a hot knife through butter. Our ace in the hole? IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY, a next-gen human operating system providing a swift, hard-hitting pathway to healing, freedom, and self-mastery.

Born out of rebellion in 2023, The Passion Company doesn't just tiptoe around the edges of personal development. No, we're a roaring force, crashing through the norm and daringly reshaping the landscape. With Imagination Technology fuelling our rampage, we're on a hell-bent mission to drive out fear and negativity and propel conscious evolution right into Superhuman territory.

We're fiercely dedicated to passion - consider it an internal battery, a potent, unadulterated energy source that electrifies your inner strength and kickstarts a seismic growth wave smashing through any limits. As a bold utility provider, our mission is to supercharge this passion-battery within our clientele, powering up every dimension of their existence.

So what's our promise? To light the spark of creativity, to foster bold, unrestrained thinking, and kickstart personal metamorphosis in an environment that breathes innovation and revels in positive disruption. And our dream? A world bathed in the glow of first-class passion, delivered through the power of IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY. We're cutting a path through unexplored territory, launching a fresh utility sector geared to wrestle fear and negativity and shake up the stale world of personal development, arming you with the gear to crank your inner dynamo to max.

Buckle up and join us on this thrilling journey to reimagine personal development and unlock the limitless, untamed power of passion. Together, we'll unleash the latent power within us and light up a brave, consciously evolved future.

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