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Imagination Technology OS - DIY


Imagination Technology is a pioneering 7-day online video course functioning as an "Inner Operating System" upgrade for human consciousness. Created by former SpaceX technologist Jeremy Lasman to address his personal struggles with perfectionism and procrastination, this imaginative program blends concepts of technology, personal growth and conscious evolution. By examining primitive "survival of the fittest" mentalities, Imagination Technology cleans inner infrastructure to lay a quantum foundation. Much like upgrading exterior systems requires optimization, human consciousness benefits from clearing to transition to this innovative system. Intended as a revolutionary upgrade from antiquated fear-based programming, it accelerates healing, freedom and self-mastery. Users can expect to feel more alive and passionate as they move beyond past self-doubt and creative blocks. Early adopters have reported increased openness, curiosity, excitement, inner peace and mental clarity from using the program's unique tools for emotional, mental and spiritual uplift. Praised as stellar and transformative, Imagination Technology aims to create a new operating system for being human. In just 7 video lessons, this DIY online course provides an imaginative digital program for upgrading inner consciousness. Blending personal growth with technology, it represents pioneering work in the field of conscious evolution.

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From $47.00/month + $197.00 Setup fee

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