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Healing The Child’s Mind To Become A More Creative Entrepreneur

How I Went From Being A Frustrated Robot to Impacting Lives Around the World as a Quantum Leader and Pioneer of Imagination Technology™

Are Rebels Born or Created?

It all started when I picked up a book on Albert Einstein in third grade for a biography project. I discovered that we have the same birthday. Ever since that point, I felt a soul connection to him. I learned about some of his traits in school like he was a troublemaker and very much connected to that. I can remember hating reading and doing really shitty on the standardized tests because I would never read the story. I was coined with the label of being a gifted underachiever. They saw how bright I was, how much I could get done, and how enthusiastic I was to complete my assignments, yet they knew I wasn’t actually trying my best.

When I was metaphorically strapped to a desk after elementary school my passion and love for learning drained. I started to resent education and became even less focused. I wasn't present as much in school both on the class side and on the social side. I felt like I didn't belong and never felt like I was on the same wavelength with other people that had their groups and involvement and the whole tribal vibe. I always felt like I was an outsider from that vantage point. But I was really good at blending in, not creating any attention on myself, and flying underneath the radar doing the bare minimum to get by.

Visionary in Training

I was a daydreamer who usually was doodling geometric cubes onto my paper while I was bored as fuck in school. Cubes and connections of cubes and doodles that weren’t artistic to me at all. I was shy and introverted except with my best friends. I was so insecure I couldn’t put myself out there to girls, could barely go to dances, and just felt so embarrassed and self-conscious about my body. I felt like if I made one mistake it would be etched on me forever.

Around the age of eight, my parents got divorced, and that kind of split me off into these two different personalities, one with my mom and one with my dad. Efficiency had to become a necessity in order to survive and not be trampled by the constant flipping back and forth between houses. It took up so much of my mind that I could barely focus on what could have been fun in school.

The forced structure of school turned into pessimism of the whole system that everyone else just seemed fine with. I was envious but also rebellious against it. Around 6th grade, I started to get into technology and video editing which started to bring a lot of visions outside of school. Around high school following my entrepreneurial spirit, I started my first business with a group of friends which was a video production company called J5 Entertainment. We filmed various special events like weddings and New Year’s celebrations and created video packages.

After graduating college I was working at the amazing SpaceX but inside I was not happy with myself. I had a deep desire not to be so negative all the time. I was good at putting on a happy face and was somewhat content because life was okay, but inside it was dark. I started to see a therapist and he suggested meditation and journaling. At first, the journaling was very simple but it soon morphed into an organizational game, like wanting to create some sort of order out of the confusion of my life.

One of the first things I committed to on a personal development level was changing my hate for reading which awakened new rabbit holes of philosophy, self-help, and especially spirituality which was previously dormant in disbelief. I was raised culturally Jewish but had no emotional connection to the traditions. Everything felt forced and not fun to me.

Being a Highly Sensitive Empath

It wasn’t until the psychological context did I understand that I was a highly sensitive person. Growing up this created a dichotomy in my psyche. On one side was the incredible amount of data I was aware of in my environment and the other was a suppression of my emotions in order to cope with the intensity. To survive within that overload was a need to be efficient which in turn meant “turning off” emotions to a degree. I would get stressed and anxious but outwardly do my best not to have emotion. I was really good at keeping that compartment hidden and not showing or displaying emotions.

My writing started shifting and I got better at translating what I was feeling. In a sense, it became less about me and more about understanding the concept of understanding itself. As the organization continued I went from not being able to meditate for even 5 minutes to learning how to calm my mind. The more books I’d read with all of these ideas, theories, wisdom, and truths I would say, “Oh, I want that, I want to be happy, I want to feel the present moment. I must be doing it wrong.” I wanted to fix everything, I wanted to do life “right”.

After leaving SpaceX I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life or who I wanted to be. Most days I would go to a coffee shop and play, sitting there I would write whatever wanted to come through which ended up being ideas. In hindsight I was learning how to trust my stream of consciousness and more basic, as funny as it sounds, learning how to have emotions.

It helped me get out of my limited worldview to expand my mind. I felt smarter the more I grew and became more aware of something greater going on here than what I thought.

I was beginning to make the transformation from thinking so much to live to actually feeling and flowing with life.

Realizations and breakthroughs began to flip the things that were holding me back. Ideas started to flow. I had no idea what I was doing, where I was going, just pure ideas, free-flowing.

When pen to paper is no longer a separate act at arm's length logic and emotion can come together. Every page is an experiment of organization. Every page is a journey of understanding. Every page is hindsight, insight, and foresight coming together to progress knowledge for yourself or for others. Each page I would do sitting in a coffee shop or park was an expression, an extension of me, of us, the art.

I wouldn’t know what would come out on the page, just let it spill out. If I could be better at translation then I could be more confident where I truly wanted to be, in the spotlight, where the red light comes on, (a)Live. Where I got stifled in my sensitivity was having SO much to express but getting stuck attempting to say it succinctly. In a broader stroke, I was tackling the problem of being self-conscious around other people.

I would start to share more of my ideas and thoughts but I was still hiding. No matter how genius or brilliant it was, it wasn't me. I was hiding behind the words but getting much better at translating data, straight down with no bottlenecks. There was still little to no passion or emotion in my voice because I was still just in the complexity of information.

The Quantum Self Theory

My evolution started to get faster as I discovered my deeper research on Time and how to unlock higher performance in the Human Brain. My original intention especially as it connected to my own inner child was to create a manual for how to use the imagination so he wouldn’t have been so bombarded by his mind. This would later become my invention of Imagination Technology™.

I knew my mission was huge so I stepped out of being a lone wolf and hired my first life and business coach. Regardless of all the work, deep down I was after the permission for my own spontaneity which because of perfectionism didn’t feel allowed. But I knew even though to the neurotic it’s impossible, it is possible to live a life without thinking.

Imagination Technology paints the big picture map of consciousness, energy, and passion as one flow from Infinite Intelligence to an Individual Human. As it kept iterating I would get new clients but still be on a rocky road, trying different marketing strategies, getting caught bouncing between shiny object to shiny object, getting testimonials, and switching between self-labels for what I do. I was still thinking too much. Yet all the while progressing my work of art and validating the science to where it is today.

Imagination Technology is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced because it stands on the shoulders of Albert Einstein's discoveries in terms of quantum physics, and quantum mechanics and leverages self-awareness to take the human intellect inward toward the light level. The reason I go back to Einstein and his biography is that while I was bored in school my bandwidth as a highly sensitive kid went to calculating a solution to the suffering I felt in myself and on the planet.

I certainly wasn't paying attention in school and instead of “distracting” myself in the traditional social world or worse yet diving into bad habits from the trauma of divorce, I siloed myself as a dreamer to focus on my soul’s work which would later bring The Quantum Self Theory and Imagination Technology to life.


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