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Healing the Disconnection in Humanity

In this progressive evolution it can sometimes feel as if the old structures that we used to rely on for our own inner satisfaction just fall away. This is exactly what is happening as human consciousness is shifting on a macro level.

When you aren’t quite living up to your purpose and not sure what your passion is it can make you feel very isolated and create a pain from muted fulfillment.

It feels like time slows to a crawl. All of a sudden you find yourself more deeply in each day but without the enjoyment that a love of life provides (enter addictions to escape).

You don’t feel connected to the planet or with the people on it.

Either side of the turf doesn’t particularity draw you either. Working doesn’t feel fun, and playing doesn’t feel worthy.

It’s a painful place to be, where your creative/sexual energy isn’t flowing.

It feels stagnant. Lifeless.

Even though your body might be moving, you don’t feel anything moving.

Time is going so slow/fast that the old ways in which you used to define progress seem distant and either unimportant or unmoving in themselves.

It feels like passion can’t exactly support a living, or perhaps living is not actually feeling passionate.

You might know the inherent meaninglessness to the universe but there is a layer of negative meaning that gets attached to “life”, or to that lifelessness.

What are you resisting?

What are you not ready for?

Underlying this challenging experience is the desire for a sense of lightness and freedom.

When you can surrender the expectations of a particular “speed” to make you satisfied, all of a sudden you can uncover the hidden guilt or shame that is creating this impatience/rush with life; which is the major reason for the feeling of disconnection.

As soon as you let go of all those programs and the attempt to manipulate the waves to your exact specifications you make space for the flow to pick you up.

You deserve to be happy and free. You are the infinite ocean in form.

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Mar 09, 2023

I’ve been sharing more about my coaching journey with folk, and I’m noticing that more people want to know their purpose. I think to myself hmmm I wonder what sparked that thought in them; with the knowing that it’s my aura. at times I’ll indulge in further communication but mostly not because the cohesiveness of energy isn’t in the room. I do believe in timing and sometimes all you have to do is continue your journey and the right people will follow

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