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The Five Steps to Transform Pain

1. Time

Ask yourself “How much time does this experience of pain contain?” 1 year? 5 years, 10 years? This will show you a new relative scope to the energy of pain which brings more light to the darkness so you can actually see what’s been hidden or underneath the surface. What’s been hidden is why the pain will never disappear. Observe from the highest view the size, shape, and color of this container.

2. Source

Ask yourself “Who does this pain belong to?” Feel into the possibility that all or none of it is actually yours. Take responsibility for what is and return what’s not to the sender it was sourced from with love attached.

3. Desire

Ask yourself “Do I really want to continue carrying this pain?” Yes/No? Clearly answer this with yourself. Consciously make the choice that as a free-willed soul, I am allowed to choose not to continue carrying this pain (time). You deserve it and your choice has power.

4. Destruction

Tap into the inner child make-believe play of your imagination and ask yourself what a fun metaphor would be to destroy the container of pain. Blow it up? Drop it in lava? Magic blast them it into butterflies? Make it as real as you can. Write, draw, visualize or speak it in the most creative ways so that you feel it on a cellular level.

5. Breathe

The intention that you put into this will start to circulate your energy dramatically. This is in essence a sledgehammer to your programming. It might not feel allowed and represents cracking the surface on the puzzle of your pain. Take deep breaths to really embody YOUR CHOICE to be free of pain. Feel the shift.

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