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The Passion For Originality — Launching The Business Of Your Dreams

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, pioneer, visionary, trailblazer, futurist, creative artist or even an enigma beyond what labels can define you’re not here to follow an existing business model. Traditional, conventional, and business as usual are antiquated and obsolete to the high sensibilities of your imagination. You have an itch to innovate and a calling to reinvent. You’re here to create something unique. Perhaps you’re even here to discover and execute on something as grand as a “soul’s work.”

So if you’ve been overwhelmed by the scope of your vision, don’t know where to start, or you get caught in the perfectionist patterns of a right or wrong way to do things it’s time to completely unleash your creativity and upgrade out of the limiting boxes of “reality” you’ve been taught to play in.

Why Is Originality Important?

As our integration with technology becomes more prevalent in our reality, it is the passion and originality of the human spirit which will set us apart and allow us to thrive in collaborative concert with technology and machines. Without this precise level of evolutionary mastery the fears of being left behind will sadly come true as artificial intelligence surpasses human stubbornness.

What Is The Passion For Originality?

The passion for originality represents the innovation of the human spirit. It is the deep yearning inside of you to create something that’s never been created before. Within this desire is a calling to discover newness and to bring to life something that pushes the evolution of the species forward, to advance the progress of civilization and that of consciousness itself.

The passion for originality can take place in any arena, discipline, or field of knowledge. It’s the expertise, craft, and mastery of your passion, or in other words your zone of genius. Unconsciously and consciously you’ve spent years (or your entire life) devoted to research and experimentation that when spotlighted will bring it to life, and consequently is something the world has been asking for in some way.

Your endeavor for originality is the soil in which innovation can truly flower and you accelerate it by being willing to approach your own fears, frustration and distaste. You will thrive when you push boundaries, break rules, and strive to realize the legacy you were brought to this planet for and only you can actualize. There’s a high standard of potential to it and you know whether or not you’re in the vortex of your signature energy.

Launching the business of your dreams doesn’t have to mean a conventional business. It can be any type of model that you are called to — it could be a brand of yourself, an idea, a product, an invention, or a reinvention of the way things are done. There’s a visionary space of limitless imagination within you that will be inspired and focused by the icons of consciousness whose shoulders you’re standing upon and it doesn’t have to be in the same field either. For example my soul’s work Imagination Technology stands on the shoulders of Albert Einstein and though I’m not a physicist the synthesis of my theories applies to many areas of human evolution.

How Do You Personally Explore Your Passion And What Does It Look And Feel Like?

Passion will make things more inclusive and singular. The signs that you’re on point with your SuperPowered Passion will represent the conjoining of both pain and pleasure. I invite you to allow the frustrations, anger, and negativities you perceive in society to mix chemically with your own pleasure and play allowing your passion to be one singular energy.

You will not find your own mission and vision if you follow 10 Steps or a business 101 approach to fill blanks like business Mad Libs. It erupts when all your emotions are allowed to be present. It’s about the mixture — this edginess of light and dark together that allows you to find the essence of your individuality because it’s coming from your life experiences, and all the pains and traumas that you’ve endured. All of these things breed and unleash your originality when both are allowed to play in an inclusive visionary space.

I want to help you get to the big picture level of your brilliance to see the vision you’re here to bring to life. But before we go into the phases to bring your dream business to fruition here is a question to ponder…

What if the passion for originality wasn’t actually about the business at all, what if it’s more about who you’ll become in the process and the specific impact on human evolution you want to see?

The Phases To Bring Your Idea To Life

There is a sense of linear direction to this process but the full circle of their relationship is more nonlinear when it comes to the high performance landing of your epic manifestation into reality.

Phase 1: Vision

Vision: the ability to see, think about, or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

“Excessive planning is just procrastination trying to rationalize itself as necessary and required.” — Jeremy Lasman

The visioneering phase is my personal favorite because it’s the time you get to play in the sandbox of infinite possibilities or in other words the child’s mind creation mode in which everything-is-possible. It is the space to download, plan, plot and organize the complexity of your ideas. One of the main things that will ignite you in the vision phase is stepping away from the rigidity of making decisions and thinking. In the visionary space it is about inspired feeling and there is nothing concrete. It is a malleable place to allow darkness to materialize into the wire-frame of your ideas.

The vision phase is flimsy, flexible, and sacred. It’s where you survey the land of the idea in time and plant seeds to grow. You are bringing down components and creating the proper foundation by having as little to no negative judgement that would kill “the plants”.

Allow yourself to get as crazy as possible and bring it all out of your head and onto paper. The vision phase is the big picture time where you get to paint the idea from space. Be raw, curious, and investigate with wonder. The more you play the more you’ll operate from your special solution frequency to gain crystal clarity on your vision to be able to form the next steps (strategy) and stay in the precise flow (energy) to bring about effective execution (action).

Phase 2: Strategy

Strategy: a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

“You get so in the pocket of your vision because strategy fills in the blanks you believe are missing.” — Jeremy Lasman

The vision phase is aiming an arrow and in the strategy phase you’re creating the target, trajectory, speed, and direction, in other words where the vision is supposed to go. Based on where it hits is how you adjust. Each target shows what you need to iterate, the results to integrate, and the changes necessary for the next arrow to aim.

Strategy is where you break down the next steps into days, weeks, months and years. The strategy calls upon listening to the vision to translate where you need to be in milestones and metrics. Once you see the big picture visually, knowing where you want to go becomes easier when you break down the goals into baby steps that are more palatable.

If the vision phase represents more of your inner artist, the strategy phase is where you approach your idea like a scientist.

Phase 3: Energy

Energy: the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

“Creativity is more about organic discovery than self-conscious work” — Jeremy Lasman

This is the fuel that drives you to pick up that arrow and readjust your aim on the target over and over. This passion energy pulls from all your experiences culminating into that intense push for greatness. No matter how many trials and errors, the need to deliver your unique vision to humanity comes from this place of strength and vitality. It is where you draw from to keep moving forward until you see your vision come to life.

This isn’t just about being “high-vibe” all the time but a constant craft to realize through the mastery of your self-awareness and compassion with yourself that you are both the quantum particle and the oscillating waves at the same time and paradoxically neither at all. The freedom of your energy lies in the allowance of all possibilities through presence and the expression of your truth.

Phase 4: Action

Action: the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

“There is really no substitute for a well thought out and perfectly executed plan of action.” — Steven Redhead

Now you’re ready to execute. You have narrowed down your aim to hit the bullseye on the target and you are ready to carry out the steps. Go out and talk to people about the creation you are so passionately bringing to life but be sensitive to the early incubation and only share it with positive people who know how to offer conscious constructive critique. Have fun building your marketing data so you have a list of people that are going to be interested in what you have to offer. Allow this phase to be an opportunity for you to build your confidence by letting others confirm and validate your genius idea. For example, offer a beta testing and let your originality flow while you present your creation to a group ready to participate in your vision. Find the people that are going to be interested in what you have to offer and commence your soul’s work.


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