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Discover the Secrets of Imagination Technology: Unlock the Power of Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

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    Bite into "Manual to Imagination Technology: Brilliant Engineering For Body, Mind, and Spirit" by Jeremy Lasman, the renegade mastermind revving up Imagination Technology. Ready to shatter your understanding of consciousness? You've got the golden ticket.


    Welcome to your crash-course on awakening, evolution, and self-discovery. This fearless guide slams down the framework, helps you grok the guts of Imagination Technology, and its tsunami-like impact on your life.


    Here's what Lasman's rebellious manifesto slingshots your way:

    • A solid intro to Imagination Technology's nuts and bolts.

    • A roadmap of human consciousness's riotous journey.

    • A toolkit for the awakening maze, fitting rookies and veteran spiritual explorers.

    • A fresh spin on fusing science and spirituality, nudging you to merge the concrete with the mystical.

    • A guide to unchain your mind and harness your true potential for growth, bliss, and satisfaction.


    Don't miss out on this transformative juggernaut. Grab Jeremy Lasman's insurgent manifesto today and hit the gas on your journey to a more enlightened, empowered existence. Set your sights on a fresh understanding of your body, mind, and spirit and step into a world overflowing with possibilities.


    "When I was eight years old my world was split into two because my parents got divorced and every single day I was going to a different house. I was overwhelmed by the chaos and the anxieties and all the ways that I felt bombarded by my mind instead of being able to just be myself. What I convey and offer with Imagination Technology is if I were to go back and hand that child a manual for how to use his imagination and the essential things that he needed to be aware of so that he could learn to use the mind instead of it using him.

    -Jeremy Lasman interview on Business Talk Radio


    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeremy Lasman is a thought-provoking visionary who has dedicated his life to exploring the power of imagination and human creativity. He has a passion for passion and understands the crucial role it plays in shaping a better future for our planet. As a true pioneer and rebel, Jeremy has never been one to conform to societal norms. He believes in the importance of following one's passion and taking risks, even if it means stepping outside of one's comfort zone. His fascination with great artists and innovators who have pushed the boundaries of what is possible has inspired his own work and he values self-awareness, self-mastery, and conscious evolution as essential tools for personal growth and transformation.


    Jeremy has disciplined himself in Imagination Technology and applying quantum technology to human performance. He has overcome the fear of failure and believes strongly in the transformative power of invention and creativity. He is deeply committed to promoting freedom, efficiency, sensitivity, and presence in all areas of life, and is constantly exploring new ways to leverage time and creativity to achieve his goals. With his unique perspective, deep commitment to Passion, and unwavering dedication to his craft, Jeremy is sure to make a lasting impact on the world. Whether you are an aspiring innovator, a creative professional, or simply someone who wants to live life to the fullest, Jeremy's insights and wisdom will inspire and motivate you to reach new heights of self-discovery and personal achievement.

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