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Passion Dojo - Group Training

Supercharge your consciousness in our virtual gym for self-mastery.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

Buckle up for a headlong dive into the unknown at PASSION DOJO. Our Group Training Program, led by Jeremy Lasman - Former SpaceXer and the genius behind Imagination Technology, goes full throttle into a one-of-a-kind virtual gym experience that scoffs at the mundane. At PASSION DOJO, we'll strip away the nametags, helping you locate your bare-boned self. This isn't your run-of-the-mill self-betterment gig; we're igniting a revolt - a shout out for relentless self-love, unbounded freedom, and hard self-examination, while nudging your comfort zones and kicking the stale survival-of-the-fittest mindset to the curb. Our hard-hitting training is set to spark your primal energy, leading you through gripping group sessions that stoke the embers of self-discipline, emotional awareness, razor-edged focus, and tough resilience. Mixing cutting-edge methods with a full-circle view, we're prepping you to morph your world and grab both personal and professional satisfaction. Perks of the Revolt: ➡️ Cranked-Up Emotional Intelligence: Dive deep into your emotional pool, communicating effectively and bolstering your personal bonds. ➡️ Supercharged Focus and Performance: Fine-tune your ability to laser in on your targets, cranking up your productivity and win count. ➡️ Mastery Over Choices: Reign over your thoughts, feelings, and actions, surfing life's waves with clarity and purpose. ➡️ Rock-Solid Assurance and Grit: Grow an ironclad belief in yourself and resilience, standing up to challenges and chasing your dreams with uncompromising fervor. Leap into the elite mosh pit of PASSION DOJO's Group Training Program and savor the intoxicating freedom of intentional self-growth. Join the crew today, unleash the relentless force within, and morph into the ultimate version of you.

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