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Humanity's Operating System is Upgrading.
Evolution is No Longer a Spectator's Sport.

Conscious evolution requires active participation,
not passive observation.

Being powered by Imagination Technology OS, you can shatter self-imposed limitations, unleash untapped reservoirs of creative energy, and attract profound opportunities for growth and connection. As you boldly embrace this evolutionary path, you'll not only transform your own life but also catalyze waves of positive change in the world around you.

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"Imagination Technology has opened up the floodgates of connection, communication, and energy from both sides coming and going. Not only have I been able to garner people that I admire, find as good thinkers, or people I'd really be curious to talk with. But I have people actually asking me to speak with them. Which is not a normal side - that's something that's completely not anything I've come from. I like to ask the questions. I don't like being on the other side of the microphone. But it's started to happen in that way. So it's basically doubled the flow." - Mark Puls

How Clean is Your Energy?

We believe that passion is the fuel of your energy, and we're here to help you evolve and achieve healing, freedom, and self-mastery. Take our Passionability Quiz to discover how clean your energy is, and learn more about how we can help you with conscious evolution.

Disrupting the Status Quo
At The Passion Company we don't play by the rules – we rewrite them. Our mission? To kick fear and negativity to the curb and turbocharge the world's conscious evolution to superhuman. With our brand new operating system for the human species, IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY, we stoke the fires of high-octane passion to fuel personal growth. Our game plan is steeped in creativity and making a positive dent in the universe, all powered by the raw energy of passion.
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