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Trailblazing Passion: We're All-In for Your All-Out Power.

iSELF is set to break your mind through IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY – a kick-ass upgrade for the Human Species, accelerating your Healing, Freedom, and Self-Mastery like never before. Evolve into The Superhuman you were born to be. Jack up your power, Human, your New OS is nearing launch. Call dibs on your invite and gain early access.

Bam! Email submitted. Brace for your Superhuman upgrade coming your way!

Disrupting the Status Quo

At The Passion Company we don't play by the rules – we rewrite them. Our mission? To kick fear and negativity to the curb and turbocharge the world's conscious evolution to Superhuman. With our brand new operating system for the human species, we stoke the fires of passion to fuel personal growth. IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY is your new OS, a high-octane fuel for transformation, pumping the most dynamic passion into your personal transformation engine. Our game plan is steeped in creativity and making a positive dent in the universe, all powered by the raw energy of passion.

iSELF: Your All-In-One Interface for Conscious Evolution

Ready to jack into the digital universe of IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY? iSELF is your ticket, your guide, and your co-pilot, equipped with invaluable support systems. Boot up with an iSELF membership, navigate through personal growth, development, and fulfillment at light speed, and chart a course towards a brighter, more passionate future.


Meet iSELF, an all-in-one product experience architected around IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY. This platform is designed to spark healing, freedom, and mastery. It's a call-to-action, nudging you to be an active player in your conscious evolution. Think of it as installing the latest, most badass version of your own operating system.


Got bugs in your mental software? Fear not, Tech Support for the Soul is here. Central to iSELF, our Helpdesk is an interactive online forum that's got your back. Our team of soul technicians are ready and waiting, offering solutions and assistance to debug your issues and navigate past any obstacles.


Get wired and thrive with the iSELF mobile app, your anywhere, anytime portal to The Passion Company's treasure trove of resources. Scout out programs, videos, blogs, groups, booking services, and more, arming yourself with everything you need, whenever you need it. Stay connected, stay plugged in.

Supercharge Your Conscious Evolution


Seeking discipline and self-mastery? Want to fine-tune your human OS? We've got you covered. This boosted tier offers access to the one-of-a-kind virtual gym, PASSION DOJO. Here, you can join private or group training sessions focused on conscious evolution and self-discovery. Boost your self-awareness, crank up your creativity, gain unshakeable confidence, and skyrocket your focus and productivity. This isn't just about living your best life; it's about creating it.


Christine B. person

"Before I started Imagination Technology, I believed myself to be someone who was sick, tired, incapable, underqualified, and a victim of my circumstances. My entire identity structure has shifted, and I can honestly say that the most difficult relationships in my life have shifted immensely." - Christine B.

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