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Level Up Your Game

Improve the fitness of your passion for a higher quality of life.



From hating yourself, playing small and struggling to survive to being a passion-fueled SuperHuman creating a masterpiece out of life.


Closet SuperHumans have always known there is a great power within them but they feel alien to the world, never quite fitting in but really good at blending in.

They hide their abilities in shyness, modesty, confusion and self-deprecation only to feel isolated and alone. 


From the outside they appear completely content like nothing is wrong, gaining some sense of purpose by pleasing others.

No one would guess the beast of passion deep inside them dying to be set free.

What they can do doesn't quite fit in a normal box or they are seen as crazy.


The problem is they are stuck in careers and responsibilities they were taught to juggle for mere survival and societal ideals.


THE ROOT CAUSE IS MALNOURISHED PASSION which can be traced back to these five elements. 

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Love

  • Joy

  • Connection

When passion is blocked or restricted there are detrimental consequences to both personal and professional life. 

  • Chronic Burdens, Pain and Suffering

  • Mental Noise, Disorder, and Illness

  • Indecision, Procrastination, and Overthinking

  • Apathy, Lack of Drive and Inability to Focus

  • Cynicism, Negativity & Neuroses

  • Stagnancy and Lack of Movement


From unfulfilled and dissatisfied to living your LARGER THAN LIFE PASSION comes down to three things to focus on. 

  • Carrying less TIME. 

  • Discovering unconditional FREEDOM over fearful concerns of survival, safety and security. 

  • Mastering your IMAGINATION to become a SuperHuman creator because that’s how you launch original masterpieces and break records instead of hiding from the spotlight and pretending you can’t be the very best at what you do. 


Every day you can wake up alive with purpose knowing that every moment is yours to create. 


Most never challenge their thoughts, belief systems or inner critic so they never know what direction to take because their negative forces feel insurmountable. 

Survival of the Fittest is the Old Operating System of the Human Species 

Under Survival of the Fittest you were taught to prioritize money over passion and judge your WORTH off a societal image of hard work and material success leaving you stressed, anxious and living for the future. 

It doesn't have to be like that. There is another way. 

SuperHumans are meant to

  • Experience Pure Health™ by accepting the whole spectrum of consciousness to upgrade the human condition. 

  • Fearlessly face any trigger or challenge because you know your inherent freedom. 

  • Have a peaceful mind because the connection to your presence is unable to be disturbed. 

  • Take the scariest actions to accomplish your goals from an abundance of courage and confidence. 

  • Live from your natural genius instead of protecting your comfort zone. 

  • Play the biggest games reality has to offer. 

  • Pioneer innovative new ideas the world has never seen before.


If you choose to stay in Survival of the Fittest you will never evolve your passion and come out of the closet as the SuperHuman you truly are. 


We see it all the time with our partners and clients who were staying in careers they hate, consumed by negativity, burdened by the stress of juggling responsibilities, and all the while never taking risks on their dreams.

It’s like having a Ferrari in the garage and never driving it.


So let’s play a new game and become SuperHuman! 


It’s called Conscious Evolution and we create a masterpiece out of life by bettering our PASSIONABILITY™ 



Time is an illusion You can manipulate.

Remove time as a factor from your mind’s programming and watch the distance between you and your goals unravel. All those grand ideas you’ve been overthinking and procrastinating feel closer than ever as you connect to a more integral relationship with yourself.


Embrace your natural state to LIVE in harmony.

Step outside your comfort zone and operate freely outside of time by letting go of everything that holds your passion back. The impossible becomes a normal way of life without the hang-ups of time. Take risks and create fearlessly from a blank slate.


You create time and space at will.

Raise your standards and stop frantically trying to control life because everything is exactly as it should be. As your passion accelerates your innocent zest for life explodes and new people, places, and things are drawn to you, as if by magic. When you aren’t an active participant in your evolution transformation takes a long time because you fall victim to your thoughts again and again. The rare few who choose to be SuperHuman by clearing time, finding freedom, and empowering their imagination leave their mark on the planet and change the world for the better.

Ashley Steen person

"I have evolved to a much higher place of thinking and creating. I feel in the now moment and I feel like I am capable of creating my life how I choose. I feel so organized and confident. I do not have any knee pain. My mind feels very expanded and healthy. I feel very happy."

Ashley S.

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