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A New Perspective On Virtual Reality

Reap The Rewards For Challenging Your Intelligence and Leave Your Iconic Mark On The World

Virtual Reality is more than just a video game or visual simulation. The potential of VR will have far-reaching ramifications on the evolution of our species because it represents the expression of our multidimensional quantum computing imagination coming into “form.”

It’s where technology and the mystical/metaphysical unify.

The “machinery” of human psychology must be upgraded in order to process the higher/faster frequencies of consciousness in which the definition of “real” and the meaning of “reality” open up dramatically, and most aren’t be ready to face this shift.

Everything is possible and there must be space to handle paradoxes that the human mind can’t comprehend from lower states.

The more resistance one holds against the malleability necessary to allow infinite possibilities, the more conflict will reflect itself in one’s environment and on the planet.

We are not meant to “vanquish” lower non-preferred frequencies out of existence because they are “wrong” but realize cosmic consciousness is like a CableTV Guide with numerous channels.

The more an individual finds the power of their conscious attention and masters the mechanics of their own signature channel instead of unconsciously consuming the old mass collective one, the more rapidly the shift into The Passion Age will unfold.


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