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Overcoming Self-Doubt by Embracing Your Passion with Jeremy Lasman

6 questions. 7 minutes. Pure insights: Transformation and execution faster than the speed of light. Wise words from Jeremy Lasman.

In this insightful interview from 2020 on the Winning at Business & Life Podcast, Jeremy Lasman shares his wisdom on overcoming self-doubt by escaping the fear-based "survival operating system" to find flow, fun and fulfillment in both business and life.

When asked about the best part of being an entrepreneur, Jeremy emphasizes the freedom to create your own rules and be the master of your life and business. Overcoming self-doubt allows you to fully embrace this freedom. "If you're doing it right, it brings a total flow and fun and play and passion for just creating your dream," he says. This passion is key to maintaining work-life balance.

According to Jeremy, being out of balance stems from operating under too much force, stress and anxiety - the heavy burden of the "survival mode" fueled by fear. Overcoming self-doubt means breaking free from this survival mindset. True equilibrium arises from being fully present with yourself and your innate freedom from conditioning. "Living your truth" allows you to reside in your "zone of genius."

To inspire originality and innovation as a leader, Jeremy advises facing the unknown within yourself and being willing to risk everything for the passion of discovery. Overcoming self-doubt is crucial to taking these creative risks..."

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