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Exponential Entrepreneurship

Shifting From Survival To Experimentation To Enhance Your Growth Mindset, Improve Productivity, and Make More Money.

Photo by Drew Dizzy Graham on Unsplash

I‘m thinking about the perceived value and stigma of “Experimental” right now especially as it connects to creative entrepreneurship and building this brand of perceived authority.

Experimentation in how I utilize it for my business does not mean that I fear things won’t work, it’s that under those conditions in which ‘I don’t know’, the best (and most pure) results happen because I’m coming from my most authentic expression… not to mention is just way more thrilling.

It’s extremely exciting because ‘innocence’ (the raw live genius of our Quantum Self) is actually the pinnacle of our spiritual evolution. Not in a destination sense, but as the unique art form of our soul’s highest frequency.

It’s become clear to me that it’s this very innocence that I was still hiding because I got lost in trying to craft this perfect brand (and self-image).

I was also feeling the judgment of “ignorance”, “naiveté” and “failure”.

There was still confusion that experimental could be misconstrued as a lack of confidence and a portion of me believed that because “I’ll never get anything done” or “I’m not standing in my power” but it’s actually quite the opposite.

I love Experimentation because it’s the cutting-edge New that brings about the most Passion fire because it’s the freshest.

It’s the closest to reality co-creation we can get as humans.

As both an educator and an entertainer I straddle that line between creator and performer that is not without its lessons in humanity.

But I’ve chosen this complex craft simply because of the joy I get from the meticulousness and attention to detail it takes to get it just right.

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