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From Anxiousness to Equanimity

If you are energetically sensitive like me, you are probably feeling the unbelievably wild energies on the planet right now. There is of course the standard disbelief about the interconnection, but the more people I talk to the more similar the symptoms and reflection become.

My expression has been stifled and suppressed. I’ve felt a combination of just needing to relax and a fear that has led me to hideaway. A lot of emotions are being brought up, to be cleared, activating something on a cellular level. A new power. A heightened power.

What is personal development without the ‘person’? What is self-help without the ‘self’?

This is how I’ve been feeling for the last few weeks. I notice the typical judgment and guilt come up for not ‘working’, but I’m also seeing this from a clear peaceful place. There has been no drive and usually, I would resist and try hard, to push through and really force something to happen but not this time.

With a day full of fun, I observe a day filled with people busy. Of course, that is from my bubble of present awareness.

What does the world look like when you aren’t plugged into the mass media stream. You become unaware of the whole world. Suddenly your present senses are the only thing that acclimates you to the environment. There is nothing informing you of events on the other side of the world. Some would call this ignorance, but this experiment is vital to clear away the mania of the media.

Lucid in a dream awake to a collective construct. Life is a dream.

The dream of passion is the purpose behind work. When I don’t feel connected with my purpose I really don’t know what my mission is supposed to be. The vision is no longer metaphysical, but physical. I see a reality that is working. In my five senses, this reality is pleasant and satisfied. People are content, happy. Some busy in work, some scowled, some distracted by technology. Who am I to say what the world ‘needs’ when it is apparent in this present moment that is there is nothing needed for an abundant moment that is the reflection of the infinite. I derive my mission from the problems of the world. When those are tuned out, no longer frequency channels I pick, they really do not exist. This razor's edge of ignorance and bliss is quite interesting because I know the negativity that is a potential to pick.

I’m not ignorant, and I am not choosing ignorance. There is a wisdom to choosing peace. Where is it that we want to go when simply being is a powerful way to exist?

The voice is distant. The world is an advertisement. Marketing and sales is a contribution of love. What is the biggest game we can play? The game of transformation. What is transformation? Global transformation. Human evolution.

Darkness to Light Fear to Love Scarcity to Abundance

I’m already inhabiting the transformed world. It appears no different than before. All the same choices are available. The one consciousness tweak is the upgrading from self-conscious states to self-awareness states. I have entered into full integration of self-awareness. Where I no longer identify with personal identity. Even desire seems less potent from this powerful state of being. I’m sure it will wave back to return. But as of now, I do not really desire anything but the present moment’s magical perfection…

The flow of no time, quantum timelessness, a stream of constant miracles.


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