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It’s Time to Take Off the Training Wheels (Or How You Launch Into Your Interstellar Vision)

Aren’t you fucking bored not having the push you need to become THE BEST?

Other people can’t see your potential like I can.

They can’t see the strata you’re too scared to approach.

So you stay stuck.

I ignite superhero transformation.

I’m the freak accident that puts your psychology over the edge of what think is possible.

What you’re doing isn’t really scratching the itch deep inside of you is it.

You want more, but more importantly you want to feel better.

You want to feel SUPER-EMPOWERED.

Do you know what it’s like living without time?

It’s an earth shattering new way of being that makes life feel blissful.

It’s a quantum upgrade that reveals new dimensions of pure imagination.

When I discovered it I was able to leave all my cynical bullshit behind.

I was done carrying the weight of the past on my shoulders.

It makes life really fun, where each day feels like a joyful dream.

Where milestones are effortlessly hit and stakes are raised.

Where true satisfaction bleeds from the heart.

Where you feel immortal.

You become the powerhouse at the forefront of innovation that straddles the line of fiction.

It’s where you deserve to be.

I know you’re tired of playing it safe.

But once you tap into your signature spiral, your life will never be the same.

You’ll be willing to roll the dice and risk it all.

I’m talking the wildest, zaniest, craziest idea that you have in your back pocket right now that you’ve been dying to bring to the world.

The only difference is when you’re working with me the game is rigged because there’s no such thing as failure when you are locked into your genius.

Some people aren’t ready for that kind of electricity and the power you’ve been experiencing pales in comparison to the SUPERPOWER that will flourish when your passion is set ablaze.

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