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Only You Can Be You

You don't really want to change or else you would.

You're actually addicted to talking about change because you get that hit from your imagination making you feel as if it's happening.

This is a double edged sword since this an aspect of quantum manifesting, but only you will know how serious you are about transforming the circumstances in your life that are non-preferred versus pretending.

Because you actually have to face the fears of leaving the safety and security of your self-conscious container (the species level programming of survival priority).

What we're really talking about here is the readiness and willingness to step outside of the zone of your comfort, into the uncharted territory of your genius.

In this 3D reality sometimes it takes the permission slip of a coach, mentor, or trainer to exchange the energy in which it takes to boost your frequency into the higher parallel versions of you (to show the universe that you actually desire the shift).

The difference between your comfort zone and your genius zone is the excitement and appreciation you have for being you, in other words aligning with your signature superhero frequency that only you are uniquely fingerprinted to embody.

This is where your soul's purpose, mission, work and higher calling reside. This is where you (re)invent the game.

You may think reality is blocking you, you may feel like you're stuck but those are all defense mechanisms of your self-conscious security systems keeping you in the smaller, less powerful state.

The moment you decide to step out of that containment zone, the patterns of your life that are most comfortable, is the moment you STEP UP your energy into higher frequencies of consciousness.

That's when everything exponentially changes, that's when reality bends around your will, and all the health, wealth, love and happiness abounds because you are intimately connected and in pure link with the abundance of The Quantum Self.


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