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Staying Strong During the Greatest Collective Evolution in the History of Humanity

How Entertainment is the Key to Unlock Your Quantum Abilities and Why Self-Awareness is the Most Valuable Asset to Your Alignment

Entertainment is our vehicle to experience the power of our imagination made physically tangible. It is also a learning tool to teach us a most valuable lesson. How our true power of deliberate focus and malleable perception can help mold our reality and lift our vibrational frequency into higher realms of consciousness.

It’s with entertainment where we give fact and fiction permission to blend. This is what we call movie magic. This is suspension of disbelief. It’s what children do naturally, but we as adults build walls and defense mechanisms against more and more as we ‘grow up’. But it is within this sensitive territory of our imagination where we can start to see and experience quantum leaps.

The edge of reality and make-believe is where dreams get made manifest, where ideas actualize and ultimately where we discover our inner confidence and emotional empowerment. This is where we get connected with the source of who we are, unite our separation, and conjoin the duality of our experience into a singular expression of divinity.

Equal parts grounded to the core of the Earth and flying high above the clouds in space, we are jettisoned into a higher strata of perception where we are no longer identified with just our persona or limited human beliefs, but reconnect with a bigger identity or become identityless if that’s how you want to look at it.

We experience our subjectivity as an illusion, and we become face to face with our own paradox. Acting a role of human but being infinite in our imagination. Mortality meets Immortality.

These are pretty big picture concepts, but what does it really mean for our day to day experience here on Earth. We did incarnate here for a reason, though the meaning is subjective it still has merit as we reintegrate and embody this new paradigm of understanding.

We see our own victimhood for what it really is, a movie. A teaching tool. Earth is our school. With our newfound self-awareness we get this new choice to write our own rules of freedom. To detach from the matrix of societal conditioning and the mass hallucination expertly crafted by the media industrial complex. We are no longer controlled by the temporariness of emotion, but use our emotions as a guide toward a more empowered trajectory. One in which we see clearly the story of light and dark playing it out, a battle for our attention.

The difference however in this next level is we are no longer allowing our self-conscious shadow to run the show anymore. The sovereign of us visionaries are choosing the director’s chair, and helping others do the same. We are literally shifting consciousness, evolving humanity at quantum speeds. Nowhere else in our history has anything of this magnitude ever taken place.

We are the first of a kind in our species. A new breed co-creating a New Age of Passion. A New Paradigm of Abundance. A New World built on Harmony, Collaboration and Cohesion.

Yes, we are seeing the last gasps of darkness try and sway our attention, trying to get us back into the shackles fear. But we are no longer buying into it, we are unsubscribing from the old programs. Deleting the channels that no longer serve us. Uninstalling the antiquated operating systems of scarcity, shame, guilt, distraction, repression, oppression and suppression.

We are upgrading the entire collective of the planet into a new vision guided by individual intuition in concert with infinite intelligence. Of course there will be bumps along the way, but the more you can stay steady in your higher vibration, you will not only be doing yourself the biggest service you will be helping countless others take the leap into the void of the greatest single movement this planet has ever seen.

I’m so grateful to be in this particular time and space with all of you right now, especially as we transition from the constraints of linear time into our quantum multi-dimensional superpowers. It’s going to be a roller coaster for sure, but it’s going to be an epic fucking ride as we ascend into pure imagination.


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