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The Greatest Discovery in the Human Kingdom

We like to say we desperately want transformation...

The money

The lifestyle

The relationships

The acclaim

And in the hype and hyperbole of our irrational side, we see the ultimate vision of a SuperPowered life.

It's so fucking exciting right?

Ahh, the sweet territory of our underutilized imagination separated from reality.

It's the safe space of binary information where you are allowed to have whatever you want and it feels good.

In those moments of clarity, you know the rules do not apply.

The solution to your freedom is so in your grasp...

if you could only stay in the hot inspiration of the vision.

There is nothing quite like the purity of Opportunity...

The limitless potential of it.

The clear and direct path to the unimaginable.

You want it.

You. Have. It.

But then two things happen:

1. Your focus gets distracted and the old programming pulls you back into its entangled web of excuses, procrastination, and doubt.

2. You ride the waves of the passion high and overtime the half-life of inspiration wears off right back to the puzzle of your imprisonment.

To follow the mania of your highest bliss is probably the single most irresponsible thing you can do in a linear civilization but to solve suffering by finding and realizing your Quantum Self is the greatest discovery in the human kingdom.


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