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The Identity of Work

In a cellular dead zone and my cable modem has just died…

As technology breaks around me I’m left with nothing to connect to but myself.

Without technology how would we know the other side of the world exists. Rather know what is happening on the underside of the horizon line.

There’s a distraction of trying to fix what’s broken when it’s in the moment of trying to get something done. Hyperactive attention is a beast to focus. The bigger the brain the more data it can process. When focus is a battle you are trying to fit the infinite in a box.

What if our idea of focus was wrong all along. We try to fit ourselves in a label, or two, or three. Then we create our sense of identity-based on how the world reflects back to you how that mask fits on our face. We build our confidence based around this make-believe authority. There I said it, authority is make-believe.

But what does that make me representing all the labels that I just disproved as a scientist of consciousness truth? You see our connection with/to love is with infinite intelligence. It’s the alchemy of intuition and imagination. More like one in the same.

Artistically I can say anything, authoritatively I have to be careful. As a scientist, we have to second guess our truth against a plethora of data and results. Think checking your sources but in your mind.

It’s all in what light it’s presented. What filters I put on or you put on to download my stream. Who you think I am. Who I tell you I am. The infamous networking question “what do you do?”. Your perception of me is fueled by my perception of myself and your perception of yourself.

I’m an improviser at heart but I know the value of a big picture strategy. In fact, that’s how you can arrive at the confidence to let the planning all go in the first place.

As an empath, I’ve been trained/trained myself to be a reactor to my environment. When there was a need/problem/demand in my field, I would hop into action to provide a solution. I defined my sense of purpose from this and thought this was how you run a life or rather run a business in your life.

But this facade soon becomes face to face with a reality that doesn’t need me. When you become too selfless, there’s just an emptiness of a self to feel for himself. This path of sacrifice is valid and vital because it shows you universal truth.

I’m in a reality where work is optional, but the higher passion is what calls me. I still find great purpose in service but now I get to design it myself instead of having reality dictate my design by its demands.

The reason I’ve resisted business as usual is because I don’t align with our current concept of work. Working for survival isn’t how our species is meant to play. Working for passion by passion in the name of passion makes the choice deliberate and intended. A higher purpose not driven by the fear of survival but a love for existence.


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