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The Pain Palace

Untamed Passion and the Transformed Imagination of Freedom




You are exhausted from always fighting the impossible.

You know there has to be a better way.

Your relentless spirit has gotten you this far but you are still stuck longing for your freedom.

Every day is a struggle because there is no reprieve from the anxiety and stress you feel.

You are always on high alert and can’t relax because you are constantly being judged by an internal voice that you can’t get away from.

Always feeling like a pinball, constantly getting hit and slapped around in your own mind.

Terrible imagines of everything that can go wrong arising within pressuring you to constantly perform.

Your inner critic shaming and guilting you for everything you are doing and how you’re not doing enough. Overwhelmed by information bombarding you with no time to feel anything but numb.

How badly do you want to get out of this prison in your mind?

Is this a life sentence?

If you say yes, do you really want to believe that?




Let’s explain why you’re in this predicament.

You were taught to be a certain person.

Good, Kind, Thoughtful, Selfless.

You were raised with values of how you’re supposed to be.

All these things may seem harmless and of good intention but they are confining you.

These influences have become the very thing that pressure you to stay behind bars.

Because you are idolizing fear instead of passion.

What once felt normal is no longer serving you.

You’re tried to escape…

Throwing yourself into your work

Changing jobs

Toxic Relationships


Drugs and alcohol


Religion, spiritual mantras and affirmations

…And just plain pretending it’s not there

But nothing works no matter how hard you try because you can’t change the past.

There is no way to go back and make different choices.

It is what it is.

You keep trying new things.

You keep trying to get out but there’s no way to escape your mind.




The point of telling you this is because none of it is true.

You fight to get out of your prison but you still protect it.

Because it feels safer to stay miserable.

It’s what you know.

So how badly do you want to get out?

It’s possible.

You just have to be willing to question the prison guard - the villainous voice in your mind.

You’d have to question your identity and all the ways you’ve thought about yourself and the world.

But can you imagine having the power to deconstruct the prison in an instant?

Perhaps the deeper question is

Are you done believing in it?

See your abuser for what it is.

You are using your imagination against yourself.

The choice is yours...

Stay in prison or create something new.

Are you ready for freedom?


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