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The Reality Barrier Blocking Your Blissful Life

On the outside you’re a bonafide success. You’ve got the fat six figure paycheck, the fancy car, and you even get to travel for work, but deep down you’re feeling stuck.

It isn’t because you don’t know enough or you’re not doing enough. It most certainly isn’t because you’re not being enough.

It’s because of the rigid beliefs about “reality” that were created growing up which built this artificial wall between play and work.

When you were a child you existed in a state of pure imagination with no division between real and make-believe. You then enter an educational system designed to separate knowledge into subjects which stifles the creative play of your energy.

School literally drained your passion and you were left feeling alone.

Your fantasy became this concept of “success” to escape the feeling of being an outcast among the crowd, but you became good at blending in.

You hoped the path up the ladder would be your ticket out of the pain of being invisible, but sadly it’s wasn’t. It’s getting worse because now that you do have it all, the call for true freedom is becoming louder.

Whether you know it or not your life is always in the process of transformation but right now you’re really overwhelmed.

You have a wild imagination with so much to contribute but anytime you think about making the shift to pursue your dream ideas you get lost in all the details.

You may be asking, “What if I make this change and I fail?”

What you want to do seems impossible and the complexity seems insurmountable.

“How or where do I even start!?”

I was there. It wasn’t until I questioned my cynicism about “reality” that I finally found a new level of belief in myself.

After I transitioned from SpaceX, I took the leap to invest heavily in my own ideas, but had trouble because I couldn’t focus and bumpy launches because I couldn’t commit. It wasn’t until I had the help of a coach to hold me to a superhero standard did I start to see the real results.

You see leaving “reality” behind is the scariest thing we can do because it trashes the identity we’ve spent a lifetime crafting to avoid being ourself.

You must have the courage to break that wall down.

Your big vision of massive impact is a lot closer than you think, but you’re actually just looking for permission to become your empowered self right now.

That’s why working with me is like having a powerful side booster to your rocket because I provide you an activating space to experience radical focus of your imagination so you know the exact steps to live in a state of unobstructed flow.

If you are ready to accelerate the process to finally free yourself from the golden handcuffs and unleash your true superpower, together we can launch you into the epic life of your dreams.


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