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Turning Life Into A Beautiful Experiment

Look at everything like you’re a scientist experimenting with Life in order to have a fresh perspective on how to navigate and understand its challenges in a more empowering way.

When you look at life as a series of experiments, you can see things in a way that expands possibilities. It gives you more space from the constricting story you tell yourself when you’re only looking at circumstances, conditions, struggles, and challenges from a personal perspective. In that limiting view, the trials and tribulations you are experiencing become yours - they belong to you and tell a story about who you are and what you can and can’t do. If you were to look at it as a room, it can really tighten up the space and you lose the creative component of how to look at things that actually expand possibilities instead of diminished possibilities.

That's what you really actually want when things get tough and you become challenged and feel the contrast that is asking you to expand your possibilities and potential. Classically, we tend to shrink and diminish ourselves believing that we should think less of ourselves because those challenges are happening. But when you look at your soul’s journey like an experiment, you can see that it's communicating something more finely tuned to you. When you see from this experimental level, the experiences of contrast and challenges are suddenly open and you can see more possibilities for a response. You can let your curiosity and wonder play by asking yourself how can I experiment with responding to this challenge? How can I react? How can I devise an experiment based on this particular condition or scenario?

When you start to play with these questions you open up your imagination with the curiosity to allow more space and creativity for seeing the journey from a higher perspective. That extra space allows you to see and feel that the challenges you are facing aren’t truly personal. The shame, guilt, fears, doubts, and everything that gets painted based on this contrast starts to lessen. This brings more creativity and space because you’re opening up your imagination instead of looking at something from the reactionary perspective about what it means about you and how you are supposed to be reacting to it. This identification that everything that happens to you, everything that you're feeling, everything that is coming to you is like this personal spite against you from the universe. We tend to look at these challenges like a test or a trial we have to pass so we can feel worthy.

Instead, I encourage you to look at it like you are the scientist of your life. Run experiments and see what results you are getting. If you find you are getting particular results, then it’s time to fine-tune the experiment and try a different way. The scientific perspective really opens up your imagination and you are able to experience freedom and joy in creating a solution instead of negatively rushing to fix what you think is a problem.

When you rush to fix a problem - the non-preferred circumstance - you are being fueled by negativity and the shame that the happenings of your life are somehow not worthy of your love. The moment you start to shift into the scientific curiosity about the higher meanings of it and the opportunity for an experimental reaction, you can start to see what opens up to you.

So experiment with everything. Start small and just experiment with not responding with fear - not responding with rush and impatience and trying to fix every single problem. You make space for looking at contrast and challenges as a roller coaster ride, an adventure, a soul’s journey, an experience of limitation as the limitless, just for the sake of the experience because you are the scientist learning from the challenges.

The default programming that is built from your patterns is keeping you in the struggle. Looking at life as a beautiful experiment allows you to use your imagination instead of your fear using (and abusing) you. You will build radical trust with yourself when you start to experiment with these new reactions and responses. You start to elevate and pattern interrupt yourself and introduce a new layer of self-awareness and scientific discovery about yourself.

Ultimately, that state of inner peace amidst any level of challenge or contrast in your life is priceless.


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