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What Is Imagination Beyond The Borders Of The Brain Or The Constructs Of The Human Mind?

In order to properly approach the magnitude of this esoteric question, we have to come to a common ground around the concept or theory of Multidimensionality. We have to discern the dimensions at play that we’ve been conditioned to mix into one state of experience. This is concurrent with an evolutionary shift in consciousness that is being informed by an ascension in planetary frequency.

Our brains in the evolution of species from animal consciousness to human consciousness developed Identity Structures and Ego in order to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the tribal pack. This is the essence of separation or duality that allows us to be individuals and to experience the spectrum of the human experience.

This advancement in intelligence is the birth of the human mind or how I will coin it for the sake of precise expression (and to distinguish from The Great Mind/God), as the self-conscious mind. I make this distinction in order to paint the trajectory of the next great step for humanity which is self-awareness.

The self-conscious mind is inherently two-dimensional because the basis for its programming language is expressed from a dualistic point of view on reality. It is a limited stream of information based upon a flat view of consciousness meaning the only axes available are X and Y. Self-awareness is what creates the three-dimensional depth or Z axis to our brain’s experience of reality.

So from this approach, we can now observe the dimensional difference between 3D (The Brain) and 4D (The Mind). This is proved because if we were in the same room together, I can see your skull in which your brain resides, but I cannot see your mind like you can “interface” with your mind. The mind doesn’t exist in the third dimension but because of the identity operating system of survival of the fittest we think of (and protect) the mind-body as one thing.

This distinction is not only a valuable component for the realization of your inherent freedom but in order to understand the limitlessness of the Imagination, it is vital. It represents a leap in multidimensional attunement.

The next area of restriction we must face is the outcome that happened from the public education system which taught us to compartmentalize subjects into Silos of Knowledge. This works very well with dualistic processing, in fact, that's why it operates and serves us. To sort data, to find patterns, to process solutions for problems, and to project time into the future (is there a tiger around the corner about to kill me?)

These Silos of Knowledge come down to the traditional hemispheric separation of the brain Left (Logic) and Right (Emotion). Through synthesis, we can understand at a top-level the main silos as Science (3D, the body, five senses, physical), Philosophy (4D, the mind, time, the bridge between the physical and the metaphysical), and Spirituality (5D, Spirit, timelessness, non-physical).

Each of these silos can have exponential complexity within them but if we observe from the biggest picture for the sake of simplicity and efficiency, we can understand how to go beyond the mind. It’s not about “getting someplace different” like much of personal development or Spirituality espouses, and it’s not about staying in a constant state of skepticism toward faith and belief as much of Science might continue to express.

It’s about posing the question, what are the walls of these silos built out of, and what keeps you from tearing them down so knowledge can play as it did when you were a child before the identity was constructed? Before a line in the sand (and a huge wall) was drawn between Reality and Make-Believe. Before you were taught to come *over here* into reality and leave all that childish “pretending” and “fantasy” behind for “real life”.

Beyond the brain and the constructs of the mind is the borderless, boundless infinite field of Imagination where the individuality of your soul plays in the ultimate arena of unified cosmic consciousness. This is The Quantum Self.


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