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How to Cure Imposter Syndrome - A Three Part Series

Do you feel you know what you know but fear being a fraud? This is psychologically called Imposter Syndrome. Bonnielee Cuevas and I did a three part series on how to heal it.

“I am a fraud.”

These words are fueled by fear, shame and unworthiness that destroy any foundation of confidence and esteem you have to express your creativity and make the impact you want to make. It’s something that I’ve dealt with in my life and it’s been a transformational process to free myself from this old system of identity. In this three part series Bonnielee Cuevasand I discuss the process to transform Imposter Syndrome so you can live your greatest life.

Day 1: What is Imposter Syndrome

Day 2: How it Manifests in Your Life

Day 3: How to Cure Imposter Syndrome & How to Identify & Reach Your Goals

More about Bonnielee Cuevas and her company The Sage Collective can be found here: or on Instagram:


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