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Buckle Up, Buttercup: The Passion Company's Jeremy Lasman Drops Truth Bombs on Upgrading Your Human OS

Join Jeremy Lasman as he goes galactic with The Legendary Podcast. He shares a story from his time at SpaceX and what he feels it takes to become legendary.

In a mind-blowing interview on the Legendary Podcast back in February 2019, The Passion Company's badass co-founder Jeremy Lasman laid down some serious wisdom about passion, conscious evolution, and upgrading that rusty old human "operating system" of yours.

With a background that includes a stint at SpaceX and a lifelong obsession with wrestling and the WWE, Jeremy drew some wild parallels between the evolution of the wrestling industry and the conscious evolution of humanity. He dropped truth bombs about being solutions-oriented and embracing a nonlinear approach to problem-solving, all while hyping up the transformative potential of Imagination Technology, the proprietary process that's about to blow your mind.

Throughout the interview, Jeremy dove deep into the idea of passion as a non-negotiable human need, right up there with water, gas, and electricity. He called out the Survival of the Fittest (SOTF) operating system for being the root cause of all that low-quality passion and energy that's leaving you feeling inadequate, anxious, and stuck in a negative spiral. But fear not, because The Passion Company's Imagination Technology OS is here to save the day, serving up a heaping dose of clean, high-quality passion that'll have you living your best life and riding the wave of conscious evolution.

Jeremy's insights hit hard, highlighting the importance of tackling both the external climate crisis and the inner climate of us mere mortals. He's all about that holistic approach to creating a more sustainable and fulfilling future, and he's not afraid to shake things up. By focusing on upgrading that human OS of yours and supporting your conscious evolution, The Passion Company is on a mission to help you achieve lightning-fast healing, freedom, and mastery, all while cranking up your passion quality and embracing a cleaner energy way of life.

As The Passion Company continues to cook up game-changing products and services like iSELF 1.0 and Passion Dojo, Jeremy's visionary ideas and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the way we view and prioritize passion in life remain at the beating heart of the company's mission. This early interview is a testament to the mind-blowing insights and transformative potential that The Passion Company is unleashing on the world as it fights tooth and nail to become the go-to source for products, services, and resources that inspire, cultivate, and sustain passion in individuals and communities.

Ready to have your world rocked? Check out our website and dive into our cutting-edge offerings, designed to support you on your wild ride of conscious evolution and self-discovery. The Passion Company's got your back, and we're not afraid to push the boundaries to help you become the best damn version of yourself.


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