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“I was cured all right” — Alex DeLarge, A Clockwork Orange

I was a big picture dreamer stuck in neuroses and perfectionism. Imagination Technology™ came about from deep explorations into consciousness because I felt so broken and sick.

The first thing that blew the lid off my mind was my relationship with Time.

I discovered how my thoughts were using time violently against myself. It made perfect sense because all anxiety and stress are ways in which the past and the future are connected in our mind. It gives us a cohesive story about where we’ve come from, where we need to go, and all the concerns, worries, and fears that come when we’re trying to juggle this really complex human life.

I started to really understand how my conditioning taught me to carry a linear timeline of my life as one large identity that was all of me.

As I started to uncouple the ways in which time was being carried in my body all of a sudden I saw the in and out points in my awareness start to change. Instead of deriving my sense of self from yesterdays and months and years ahead, in other words, from time, my barometer of who I was came closer to the present moment where I actually was.

Letting go of time dramatically lessened the weight I was carrying.

When I looked at time as pure information I saw that it’s the way that this information is being processed and carried throughout my body, mind, spirit that gives me my identity. I started to question why it had to be that way and why I was so overwhelmed by my thoughts that I could barely sit down for five minutes to meditate because it was just so goddamn noisy and chaotic up there. Inner peace felt impossible but I didn’t give up.

We’ve been taught having more information is what facilitates growth but I questioned that assumption. I experimented with the opposite, subtracting information. I started to feel incredibly lighter and the volume lowered in my mind because I was lessening the amount of information that I was worried about. Naturally, I started to become more of myself instead of overthinking all of the time.

The samurai sword of self-mastery is seeing the difference between limitation and limitlessness. This is a vital choice to finding your truth. Who we think we are, who we think we need to be, the masks we think we need to wear, the roles we think we need to play for other people are all limitations.

The moment that I became aware and exercised this self-awareness I started to feel much better about myself. I began to feel more powerful and passionate because I wasn’t living to please other people and using my sensitivity to avoid mistakes all the time.

I found freedom at the deepest levels of my reality and now I help others do it with Imagination Technology™.


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