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"Passion" - What's the Value? Podcast

Hosted by Terry McMullen



"Passion is one of my favorite topics to discuss. Logic is my religion because I understand the power of it, but passion is something that fascinates me on a much more visceral/primal level. I can't fully explain passion but I know how attracted to it I am. I know the feeling I get when I am engaged in something I am passionate about. Maybe my guest today, Jeremy, put it best when he said "passion is the fuel of human energy." By that I think he means it is the thing that allows us to do everything we do in life. For us to be motivated or driven to accomplish anything, we need to have passion in our lives. As way of background, Jeremy is the founder of The Passion Company focused on the passion industry. As part of that, he's invented a new utility designed to help people unlock the full potential of their passion. Before starting The Passion Company, he worked as a technologist at SpaceX, where he assisted the CIO and helped to reignite the public's excitement for space travel (he also collaborated with Elon Musk on a music video celebrating the company's first successful launch). At the core of Jeremy's work and view of the world, is this idea that we, as humans, have the opportunity to pursue "conscious evolution." Unlike in our past, where we were driven along by nature and the evolutionary process, he believes we have an opportunity now to "take the wheel" and direct the future evolution of our species. If we can tap into our true passion and do the thing that our soul actually wants to do (vs. what we have to do just to survive), it unlocks a whole new world of human potential and possibilities. I'll be honest the idea of us "taking the wheel" intrigues and excites me, while at the same time completely terrifies me. As Jeremy and I asked on the show, do we think humans are capable of driving our own evolution? Have we shown throughout history that we have can use that type of power to make the world a better place? This was a truly fascinating and dense conversation about passion and humanity."

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