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Pioneering the Passion Revolution with Imagination Technology: Jeremy Lasman on the ByMaros Podcast

A Look Back at Jeremy Lasman's Visionary ByMaros Podcast Interview

Four years ago, our co-founder Jeremy Lasman appeared on the ByMaros Podcast to discuss his unique journey and the groundbreaking work that would eventually lead to the creation of The Passion Company. As we look back on this insightful interview, it's clear that Jeremy's vision for upgrading the human operating system and catalyzing a Passion Revolution was already taking shape.

In the conversation, recorded in 2020, Jeremy shares his fascinating background - from working closely with Elon Musk in the early days of SpaceX, to a period of deep self-discovery that inspired him to create the pioneering MANIA superhero comic franchise. He discusses how his diverse experiences, spanning the worlds of cutting-edge technology and creative arts, laid the foundation for the development of Imagination Technology - a new operating system for the human mind and spirit.

Some of the key insights Jeremy shared in the interview include:

  • The concept of viewing the body, mind, and spirit as one unified technology, with human biology and creativity mirroring the same principles found in technological and scientific advancement. As Jeremy put it: "Organic intelligence and artificial intelligence are coming from the same infinite intelligence."

  • The power of transmuting emotions and converting disorder into a superpower, a core message that permeates Jeremy's work, from the MANIA comics to the programs now offered by The Passion Company.

  • An early explanation of "Imagination Technology OS" and how it enables people to generate clean, high-quality passion as an alternative to the scarcity-based "Survival of the Fittest" operating system that leads to so much struggle.

  • The relationship between passion, time, relativity, and healing past trauma, including Jeremy's hypothesis that "the body doesn't exist in time" and the potential for rapid release of old wounds and burdens.

Listening to this interview with the benefit of hindsight, it's evident that Jeremy's vision was already well-formed and deeply resonant. In the years since, The Passion Company has brought this vision to life, offering cutting-edge programs to help people transcend limitations, connect with their deepest purpose, and embrace a life of limitless possibilities.

Join the Passion Revolution and experience the transformative power of Imagination Technology OS today. Together, we can create a future where passion is recognized as an essential human need and a fuel for our greatest evolution.

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