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From Survival to Thriving: Riding the Waves of Conscious Evolution

Upgrading the Human OS: The Path of Conscious Evolution

In an inspiring October 2020 episode of the Love Speaks Love podcast, Jeremy Lasman shared his personal journey and the vision behind The Passion Company's mission to accelerate humanity's conscious evolution through a new paradigm called Imagination Technology OS...

Some key takeaways from the interview:

• Jeremy discussed growing up with a "deeply enmeshed negative worldview" stemming from sensitivity, anxiety and perfectionism. This pain ultimately birthed his passion for the healing and transformative work he does today.

• He shared his early career at SpaceX and how being let go became an opportunity to focus inwards through personal development. This allowed addressing the "inner game" and what felt broken at the time.

• Jeremy and the host Denise explored bringing consciousness into business through The Passion Company. The vision is fueling a "passion revolution" to upgrade humanity's motivations.

• Imagination Technology OS was introduced as Jeremy's invention for upgrading the human operating system. It synthesizes science and spirituality into a multidimensional approach for fulfilling our highest creative potential.

• The discussion examined how the "Survival of the Fittest OS" has driven humanity through fear and self-preservation for eons. Imagination Technology OS offers an alternative fueled by passion, love and innocence as higher motivators.

• Jeremy shared examples of individuals driven by Imagination Technology embodying creativity, collaboration, resilience and desire for positive impact.

A couple quotes highlighted:

"I saw subjects siloed like we were taught in school...There was no synthesis, nothing bringing it all together. When I used creativity to blur the lines and pull all knowledge together, that's where I saw the next stage."

"Work and play were always separate in old school thinking...When we tear down the walls between work and play, it revolutionizes how business functions. Competition is no longer real, but can exist. It's more about collaboration, mission, purpose."

This enlightening podcast discussion opened minds to new possibilities for conscious evolution and thriving in work and life. Listeners were encouraged to hear the full interview to upgrade their own "human OS".

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