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Soul-Level Mentors Podcast - "Imagination Technology" with Jeremy Lasman

What is Imagination Technology and what can it do for you? What better way to find out than to ask the Mad Scientist himself who developed this evolutionary work?

Jeremy Lasman was honored to be a guest on Katelyn Ruth's Soul-Level Mentors Podcast. They talk all things Quantum Physics, Duality and Singularity, Intuition and Vision, “scary-excited” action taking, and the magical power behind PASSION.

Click here to listen:

About Soul-Level Mentors Podcast

Soul-Level Mentors is a movement of empowered healers, space-holders and leaders who are at the forefront of evolving the conversation around what is possible for their clients and patients in mind, body and spirit.

Soul-Level Mentors are here to deliver TRANSFORMATION over treatment; they are the ones who are willing to get uncomfortable, willing to speak the Truth, and willing to LEAD from a place of deep authentic presence so they may invoke the power that lies within each and every person they serve.

Soul-Level Mentors is for coaches, healers, holistic practitioners, light-workers, nurses, and physicians who feel like they could be having a bigger impact, and are ready to step out of the boxes they've put themselves in and begin to truly lead from their creative genius.

Soul-Level Mentors is about bringing your soul's evolutionary work (all that you've transcended, all that you've integrated, all that you've mastered) out into the world in a powerful way so that your impact can rise, and your gifts can truly change lives.

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