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The enLIGHTenUP Podcast - Featuring Jeremy Lasman

Transform Your Life - Imagination Technology to Upgrade Your Reality with Jeremy Lasman

Jeremy Lasman is a former SpaceX Technologist who worked with Elon Musk to reinvigorate the public's excitement for space travel again. He joins the enLIGHTenUP podcast for the first time to share his work with Imagination Technology. What has he discovered about the power behind our imagination and how is the imagination taking us beyond the domination of the information era?

Jeremy uses his passion for passion to stimulate the desire in others to shift their reality. What mechanisms does he search for within the subconscious to elevate a person out of the imprisonment of the mind and liberate them into their imagination? How has he been transforming his own life using these protocols?

All of this and more in episode 143!

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