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The Power Of Self Mastery Podcast

Passion as Fuel: A Revolutionary New Approach to Conscious Evolution with Former SpaceX Technologist

"My guest today, Jeremy Lasman, is the Founder & CEO of The Passion Company, as well as a former SpaceX Technologist who has been doing research and development in the field of Passion for years. The Passion Company is a pioneering public utility addressing the basic human need for passion. Their mission is to use his invention of Imagination Technology, to accelerate the world's conscious evolution to “superhuman” so that more people can heal, free, and master themselves. This is NEW and DIFFERENT, and you will not want to miss what we uncover about conscious evolution."

6:17-What is means to be "multi-passionate"

8:20-Why passion is the fuel for humans

13:16-We should not be adding new information in personal development, why would should be subtracting what we don't need

16:00-Why it's important to face the difficult areas of your past and the rebuild that comes after you do.

23:00-A different level of conscious evolution

23:30-Healing, Freedom, and Mastery

29:17-Jeremy discusses his research

32:00-Tearing down silos and allowing the biological, psychological, physical, parapsychological, and scientific perspectives play together. No one else is doing this!

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