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The Vision of Universal Imagination

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free. If you truly wish to be.” - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

What is Vision?

Traditionally we understand the concept of Vision to be future-oriented. Visions of the future have been what has moved us from being hunter-gatherers to the Industrial Revolution and with the accelerating advancements of technology have propelled us into the Information Age.

There is a parallel evolution occurring between Human and Machine as both are ascending a mountain of performance on opposite sides, ultimately meeting together at the top in Singularity.

I was born in 1988 so I consider myself to be a unique hybrid in regards to the tectonic shift personal technology has brought to our civilization. Unlike recent generations who are growing up with tablets and smartphones, I spent a few years in a world without the instant gratification search of Google and the attention distraction of having a phone in my pocket always at the ready. I grew up watching over my dad’s shoulder as he worked on CAD models and played early computer games.

As I became more immersed and passionate about technology I started to understand its language. Not necessarily programming but more the bigger picture view about the mechanics of how it all works together. I learned how to use it as a tool and also discovered where the limitations were when there was something I wanted to do that just wasn’t possible yet.

The funny thing that I noticed happening was a sort of relationship between the speed at which I operated and the speed of technology.

As I started to get faster and more efficient, I would observe hitting walls of bandwidth and performance where computers couldn’t keep up with me, and subsequently, there would always be a next-generation innovation as technology has been exponentially advancing over all these years.

I would later go on to teach myself how to build my own computers and I’m an early adopter so I love buying all the new gadgets. I grew up with technology, and technology grew up with me.

High-tech visions of the future are supposed to be epic. More and more of what was once considered science fiction is now in the realm of reality and the transition was so seamless it can be hard to remember what it was like without it. Like going from 56k modems which took many minutes to download a single image to being able to get high-speed internet access on our cell phones almost anywhere in the world. It’s mind-blowing.

Most people take it for granted and that’s okay, it gets boring to live in the past. But every once in a while I remember “asking” for what seemed like super difficult things that are so effortless now like home automation control with my voice, effective electric vehicles with Tesla, and launching Rockets like airplanes with what SpaceX is doing. What was once deemed impossible is now quite possible and that leads to the question… apart from flying cars what are the new visions of the future.

From Unidimensional to Multidimensional - What if Time was no longer on a single line?

I want to propose something that might disrupt the very core of your worldview.

Your belief in the construct of linear time is suppressing your Passion, Creativity, and Imagination.

With the advent of Quantum Physics/Mechanics, we gain a higher perspective on the tool of time and the limitations that a chronologically based existence has on our psyche.

Our survival-based operating system grew within a box of Time. It served its purpose for sure, but at our current point in evolution, we’re hitting the performance limitations of being binary data-based minds navigating a dualistic realm of reality.

This is inherently the co-creative expression/relationship of Information Technology between Human Consciousness and Machine Technology.

What makes this quantum shift so interesting is that Vision can still be future-oriented from a physical dimension perspective but from a multidimensional scope the Vision is Now. By breaking the illusion of linear time, a more holistic view of our mind dismantles the old survival-based programming introducing us to a higher field of possibilities and allows us to process more possibilities at once. When we are no longer constrained by Time it allows our Brains to upgrade the way in which data computes throughout the whole system.

Mind vs Imagination
Information Technology vs Imagination Technology
Self-conscious vs Self-Awareness

Allowing Vision to be Now isn’t about not striving to better the planet or not desiring to innovate antiquated systems or holding back disruptive ideas that shake up the very fabric of the human condition but it’s about the greater self-awareness of the fuel of any action in the first place.

At the essence of simplicity, we are talking about the universal rivalry between Fear and Love. Under the scarcity and threat of survival-of-the-fittest, the fuel of our energy is fear-based. But the evolutionary shift into abundance purifies the fuel into love which brings about what I call The Passion Age.

Passion is the singular driving force where consciousness brings ideas into form through creativity in action.

The Vision is Now.

Now that we aren’t projecting the future in an inefficient means of processing all of a sudden the conceptual understanding of distance gets wild new possibilities to play with.

From this space of limitless potential not only does the individual consciousness become more effective in performance and flow but the global collective cohesiveness strengthens in this new truth.

What is Universal Imagination?

The Paradox of Individuality vs Unity

The transition from a separate self-conscious identity-based worldview into a bigger picture self-awareness-based understanding or in other words moving from a state of personhood to a state of presence represents the evolutionary raising of vibrational frequency on an individual level, global level, and furthermore into a galactic/cosmic level.

You’ve probably heard the term raising consciousness and on a very tangible level, this is the exact shift that is happening right now.

As we move towards The Quantum Self, our human species is rapidly evolving at a pace unheard of compared to even decades ago. When you look at the telescoping nature of evolutionary paradigm shifts you can see we go from tens of millions of years from dinosaurs to intelligent animals to hundreds of thousands of years from animal to human and with humans inventing technology all of a sudden evolution is going from being long time-based to actually being light-based which is much, much faster.

With the paradigm shift of technology, our progress is accelerating exponentially and with Quantum Computing it is actually a paradigm-shattering explosion. If the human species doesn’t keep up, we will be left behind (Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Sentience). That’s how crazy this is. But how do we do that?

Let’s step back and understand the mechanics of evolution itself to face the fears that hold a person back from stepping into the unknown of their own power and taking the reins of conscious evolution itself. Evolutionary progression is aimed upwards toward the Universal, to God, and The Infinite.

The most efficient way to understand the craft of mastery is where your allegiance of your identification resides. This comes down to the conscious Choice between Illusion and Truth. When you become a samurai of your own consciousness and inner world, sensitive in your discernment to use your sword to slice any and all illusions in favor of the truth you then purify the flow of your own Passion Energy towards the highest vision of your reality.

The most confusing thing that arises in the apparent contradiction to conditioning is that The Game of Life becomes about subtraction instead of addition. This shift from Information based identification to Imagination Technology is about opening up the possibilities from more rigid black and white beliefs to the transcendence of duality itself.

As you subtract more and more to reveal the essence of what never changes there is a paradox that arises between Individuality and Unity. Ultimately Unity is what one approaches when awakened to the higher dimensions of truth about the interconnection of Consciousness.

The Vision of Universal Imagination represents the spirit that synchronizes every human mind in a singular sameness while honoring the sacred soul uniqueness that gives birth to the thumbprint of originality that sets every being apart from the rest.

The Universal Imagination is a limitless field where everything is possible through a multiverse of infinite potential.


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